• 15 February - 7:00 pm                      Growing and Caring for Utah Perennials                              Conservation Garden Park / 8275 South 1300 West
    West Jordan
    Speaker: Cindy Bee
    Meal Provided
    No Adult Beverages
    Wheelchair Accessible
  • 15 March- 7:00 pm                        Red Butte Garden                               300 Wakara Way
    Salt Lake City
    Topic: Red Butte’s New Conservation Garden
    Dessert Provided
    No Adult Beverages
    Wheelchair Accessible
  • 19 April - 7:00 pm                              Utah Water Gardens
    3674 South 900 East
    Salt Lake City
    Speakers: Sheida Hajarian-Maguire and Rosie Cobbley
    Topic: Pond Plants for Utah Ponds
    Meal Provided
    Adult Beverage Friendly
    Wheelchair Accessible


collected at meetings. Come join us. We would love to meet you.

Prospective members are welcome to attend on a trial basis prior to joining the club. Annual dues are $35.00 for singles, $45.00 for couples and are

The Utah Water Garden Club was formed in May of 2000 as a non-profit organization by people who wanted to share their experiences in water gardening, caring for koi, trout and goldfish and learning from others who had gone through similar experiences. Today, we enjoy sharing our successes and challenges with others. If you are looking for ideas or solutions to water gardening or fish challenges, join us at one of our meetings.

​We have all made mistakes in building our water features. We have learned what to do and what not to do through the school of hard knocks and from hearing others' experiences. We have compiled the most common questions and learned experiences into our website in hopes of helping you get a head start in making your water garden exactly what you dreamed of it being. Select your area of interest at the top of the page for helpful and insightful information.

If you could not find what you were looking for or want more information on a subject please contact us, and we will get you answers as quickly as possible.



The club meets the third Thursday of each month at 7:00 pm. The location varies with summer meetings usually pond- side at members' homes.


Saturday, August 4th, and Sunday, August 5th. Residential and commercial ponds will be on display. Contact a pond club officer if you would like to host a tour stop at your pond this year. Tickets for the 2018 pond tour will be available from club members and club sponsors starting in late March.