There are many different types of rocks available in Utah. Some can cause problems. Like sandstone which will disintegrate when the water in it freezes and then there is limestone which will raise the pH level of your pond to levels that can kill fish. Rock selection is very important to both the health of your pond and to your pocket book. One ton of rocks at your local stone store can cost from $40/ton up to $300/ton and you may need up to 3 tons depending on the size of your pond.

  • It is illegal to collect from public lands. If you need only a few rocks to finish your stream or pond visit excavation sites for buildings and homes and see if you can collect rocks from the fill that is piled up.

  • Do not put rocks down the sides of the pond. They will be covered with algae and sediment and you will lose the effect you were after. Make a shelf about one foot below the desired waterline and that is as deep as you have to go.

  • Rocks at the bottom of the pond act as organic collectors with no real way to clean between the gaps and behind or under the rocks. This will create unhealthy conditions for your fish, lead to algae bloom and turn smelly as the organic material decompose and settles.