Gambusia are a minnow-type fish that mosquito abatement uses to control the
mosquito. They are small ranging in size from .5-3 inches with the females being
much larger than the males. There is no remarkable colorations of the fish.

  • Between 15 and 50 fish should be stocked, depending on the size of the pond. In ornamental ponds containing other fish, check for mosquito larvae before introducing Gambusia because the fish already present could be effectively controlling the mosquito larvae.

  • They will also eat frog tadpoles and other small fish fry.

  • Due to winter die off in most ornamental pond situations, Gambusiawill need to be stocked on a yearly basis.

  • Mosquito fish are rather aggressive, and not just toward other fishes, but also toward each other. Quite often the fins turn up ragged. Probably in part due to their being extremely well adapted to a rough life.

  • It is reported that Guppies do a good job as well.