• These fish are shoaling or school fish and need at least 3 Orfes for them to stay healthy.
  • They feed on insects, especially mosquito larvae and have been known to jump out of smaller ponds in their aggressiveness at going after food. They stay near the surface and consume large amounts of oxygen so oxygenation is critical for these fish. 

  • They do not eat the plant life unlike koi. 

  • They are more adaptable to cold water than most fish and are quite hardy. 


Golden Orfe

The Golden Orfe (pronounced Orf) is a hardy golden
form of the European Ide, which lives in lakes and
​slow moving rivers.

  • Golden Orfe is an good choice for the larger pond.
    When these fish are viewed from above they have a narrow, ​torpedo-shaped body and vary in color from pale salmon-orange to a carrot hue, often with speckles of dark brown or black pigment on the head and along the back. They can also come in shades of gray and blue, although blue is very rare.

  • These are fast growers (up to 18 inches) and put on weight quickly.

  • The Orfe is not suited for small ponds (under 500 gallons) as they will eventually outgrow them and may even jump out.