Sarasa Comet




  • Goldfish are ideal fish for small ponds.

  • They grow up to 12 inches long and come in varying shades of orange, red, black and gold with anything from short tails and fins to long ones.

  • They come in different shapes from comets to fancy tails. Not all goldfish can handle the cold winters. Look for comet, shubunkin,
    ​wakin and watonai. 

  • They are inexpensive costing from 5 cents to $100.

  • Comets have a reputation for keeping mosquitoes down and look a lot like small koi.

  • Because of their size, goldfish can be kept in shallow water, but any water less than 12 inches will stress the fish as the water temperatures swing too much, something the fish cannot handle.

  • Koi and goldfish are social fish and swim in schools together. Even mixtures of koi and gold fish will generally get along.

  • Goldfish live, on the average, 5-20 years and can be fed the same food as koi.