• Rush, Horsetail hardy to zone 5. The jointed stems are very distinct. Horsetail is considered to be evergreen. The regular variety grows 3' tall and the  Dwarf Horsetail grows only 6 to 8" tall.Rush, spike Hardy to zone 6. Quill shaped foliage.

  • Sedge, Golden Bowles, hardy to zone 5, flowers in early spring. The bright yellow flowers persist on the plant for most of the season.

  • Sedge Variegated striped hardy to zone 8

  • Spattterdock, hardy to zone 3. Flowers during the summer months. Bright 2" yellow flowers. This plant is not fussy and can take shade or sun and moving water. Lily like aquatic (the leaves float out over the water.)

  • Taro, Black Magic, Green and Imperial are the most popular of all the Taros. There are other varieties not listed here. All are hardy to zone 8. 

  • Umbrella palm will take some shade. This is by far the most popular pond plant for people that have Koi as it is salt tolerant. It is also a superb plant of water filtration. The regular species grows 5' tall and the dwarf varieties grow only 1 to 2' tall. They are hardy to zone 8.

  • Water clover, choose from variegated, green or cut leaf varieties. Hardy to zone 7. They grow 6"tall. By far this is the most popular plant, very easy to grow.

  • WaterCress, hardy to zone 4. Great floating plant or potted plant. Grow extra, as fish love this plant too. Loves moving water.

  • Water Forget-Me-Not is hardy to zone 3. Sky blue flowers cover the plant in early spring months. Likes shade and cool, moving water.

  • Water Lettuce is the best floating plant for shady ponds. Does NOT like cold water and will quickly deteriorate in cold water. In northern climates do not add until the water has warmed up. Loves moving water. Hardy to zone 9.

  • Arrow Arum is hardy to zone 5. Dark green arrow shaped plants grows 2 to 3' tall. Native plant of North America.

  • Arrowhead Narrow Leaf, hardy to zone 4, is very vigorous Flowers are not very big but the plant can tolerate shade.

  • Bamboo, dwarf,  hardy to zone 6. The flowers are not very significant.

  • Bog lily, hardy to zone 8. The large bulbs produce wonderful pure white, fragrant blooms

  • Cardinal Flower, burgundy colored "spike" foliage with deep red flowers. Great for hummingbird attraction. Hardy to zone 4. A must for ponds!

  • Golden Club is hardy to zone 6 and flowers in early spring. White and golden flowers.

  • Houttuynia or Chameleon plant, wonderful colors of green, yellow, red to pinkish in color. Hardy to zone 4. Creamy white flowers.

  • Lizard's Tail, hardy to zone 4, this Native American plant is very easy to grow. Triangular green foliage. Have unique cream colored blossoms. Grows 1 to 3' tall.

  • Marsh Marigold, hardy to zone 3, orangish-yellow flowers bloom in very early spring very natural looking plant.

  • Marsh Marigold, double blooming, hardy to zone 3. Slightly larger than the regular Marsh Marigold.

  • Parrots feather hardy to zone 6 according to books but I have found it survives in my zone 5. Great floating plant or potted plant. Very easy to grow. Salt tolerant.

  • Pennywort, hardy to zone 6, the round shiny green foliage is very distinct. Likes moving water. So this is a great addition to streams or where there is moving water.

  • Primrose creeper, hardy to zone 8. Bright yellow flower persists all summer long. This plant is easy to grow and as the name implies it "creeps" out into the water.

  • Ribbon Grass, Japanese, Hardy to zone 3. Grows 2 to 3' tall. Soft textured green and white foliage, hence the name. Nice contrasting plant with green plants in the pond.

The shady pond does not have to be a drab looking pond. Careful selection of plants can offer a great variety of leaf texture and color. Keep in mind that all plants do require a minimum of light.