• Fast growing 12-16 inches long.

  • Life span 4-5 years.

  • Require rock bottom for spawning and fast-moving water (current)

  • Eat algae and mosquito larvae, but search the bottoms as well for mayfly nymphs and stone fly.

  • Cold water fish preferring water temperatures in the 50-60° F. Because of this they not an ideal fish for ponds that receive full sun because the water temperature will get closer to 80° F. You can reduce water temperature with plants that cover the water if water temperature never exceeds 70° F without plants.

  • Because of temperature differences it is not a good idea to mix trout and koi together. Koi's immune system do not really kick in until water temperature reaches 65° F.

  • Trout are shy, timid fish and require abundant plant life to hide in.

  • Trout come in many different colors from greens to browns to yellows and with multicolor patterns including rainbow.

  • Do not catch trout in the wild and bring them home. It is illegal and they may introduce diseases and parasites into your pond.

  • The state of Utah requires you to have a license to keep many kinds of trout.